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Pitney Manor is pleased to provide our customers with a diverse selection of fine products that are traditional yet contemporary. In other words, our fine products will stand the test of time while bring you the most current trends in colors, fabrics, shapes, fragrances and themes.

We purchase our merchandise at various trade shows throughout the year so that we may provide you with the newest designs available. Of course, there are timeless selections that are standard fare due to their continued popularity. All of our merchandise is domiciled in our warehouses in Florida.

We always-welcome suggestions from our clientele regarding products you would like to have available at Pitney Manor. Please keep you suggestions coming!

In 2003 we, made our first Kashwere Robe purchases and the product performed beyond our wildest predictions. In 2005 & 2006, Oprah featured these unisex robes on her annual Holiday Favorites Program; the demand was and continues to be, to this day, astounding. We have expanded our product line from Kashwere to include bed blankets, throw blankets, pillow covers, car coats/sweaters, Kashwere Kreatures, Teddy Bears, and baby blankets, each of which have continued to be tremendously successful.

Our growth over the years has been gratifying and we appreciate and applaud our ever-growing list of first time, as well as, return customers for without your loyalty we would be “just one more fish” in the ever-expanding online sea of retailers. We strive to provide you with a most enjoyable shopping experience.

Thank you for selecting Pitney Manor for your purchases for we truly appreciate your loyalty!

Very truly yours,
Susan Hartl Reichey
Pitney Manor

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